Product Name : ROTARY SHEAR - RSC-4
  • Max. cutting speed 150 m/min, waste cut speed depends on changing order speed.
  • Using while changing order or waste sheet remove, could be operated on Glue Machine.
  • Upper and lower blades type.
  • Upper and lower blades gears are well treated by heat treatment and precise grind.
  • Main motor: 30 KW A.C. servo motor.(FIG.1)
  • When push "cut" button, the sheet will be cut. If release, the machine will stop.
  • With waste conveyor belt which controlled by pneumatic. While "on" cut condition, the belt will lower down for remove the waste sheet. While "stop" cut condition, the conveyor belt will incline up for sheet pass smoothly.(FIG.2) With trolley for waste sheet.(FIG.3)
  • Cutting length: 800 mm.
  • Coordinate with auto order change system, the waste between ex-order and existing order will be not over 800 mm.